rosalee // the beginning

Awhile back I had planted the seed in my Husbands head that I wanted to get a vintage trailer. I didn't really have a style in mind, but I just knew I wanted it to be old and lovely. He had mentioned on several occasions that he "thought he found the one" but the situation always seemed to fall through. Until last week when he came home with some EXCITING news!
He had found one! THE ONE!
There pictured on his tiny phone screen was my '68 dream on wheels, as I called her. I SQUEALED! Just from that photo I could tell this was a match made in heaven! And I couldn't wait to get here home. She arrived last weekend and my mind started spinning with ideas and design! I was like a freakin' kid in a candy shop!
We went in last night a ripped up the carpet plus linoleum flooring hiding underneath, cleaned out the broken glass and pulled out the cushions. We started in on some major deep cleaning. Excited that this process is starting so soon.
Oh! And of course I had to name her, because why not! So I picked Rosalee, no real meaning behind it other than it was the first name to pop into my head and well, I love the show Grimm.
Can't wait to share the process here as we start to bring life back to her. The kids are already chomping at the bit to go camping already, so we better get this show on the road!


linden clover workshop // wonderland

I keep pinching myself, because I am not sure that this past weekend was even real. I had the pleasure of attending a photography workshop put on by two talented beauties and the amazing venders that help bring it all together. I shared this experience with other women whom I had never met (some just not in person) and I left with a handful of memories and some amazing friendships! This workshop really opened my eyes, my heart and my passion for photography. It has motivated me to push myself to do things that I tell myself I can't. I found that it is ok to believe in myself and what I love to do, because if I don't then who will...
I am so excited to share these photos and this experience. I can't thank Lindsey and Sarah enough- this was truly life changing!


young living // 1st make & take

I love Young Living. Like really love them. I use my oils religiously everyday on myself and my family and I love talking about them with others. Every month my mom and I host classes to share how awesome this company is and how these oils have really changed our lives. This past month we decided to offer a little something different- a Make & Take party. These oils are great by themselves or blended with other fabulous oils, but you can actually do so much more with them. We wanted to share how you can start incorporating them in daily homemade products that are made from pure, natural ingredients, that you can actually pronounce too! I thought I would share what we made and their recipes so you can give them a try yourself!


day at the zoo

On a whim we took a trip to our local (little) zoo this weekend with the kids. It was fun to watch the kids squeal at the animals and zoom on to the next. It was fun spending sometime together enjoying the beautiful weather. Look forward to another family outing soon.


black & white and glitter all over // sending out valentine's

As my kids get older they are more aware of the simple joys in life. Lately its been celebrating holidays for us. My daughter is always asking "What are we celebrating next!?" I think that makes those special days that much more- special!

I was super excited when one of my Instagram Mommy friends contacted me and a few other mommies via the social media site to see if we all wanted to participate in a Valentine's Day exchange. We (our kids) send each other cards from all over the country that we would house in little boxes until the BIG day! I was so on board with this awesome idea and couldn't wait to get started.

I am not a huge red and pink fan- in small amounts is usually ok. But I usually gravitate towards more neutral colors. So these black, white and gold cards from Tiny Prints made my heart jump for joy! Plus it meant I could use some pretty gold glitter somewhere (because glitter makes the world go around). I browsed Pinterest for some goodie ideas that would be small enough to mail but still fun- BUBBLES! Package it all up and put a bow on it- or a really cute sticker.

I picked up a bag of these cute bubble wands from Target. Add a little modge podge and sprinkle some gold dust. Voila!


I found these Wrap-Around Address Labels on Tiny Prints, which you can fully customize the text. I added "Bubbling with Excitement! Happy Valentine's Day!" Wrapped them around the tops of the wands and clipped the ends to give it a cute flag effect.

I had some left over gift bags from a previous project that became the gift bags. Embellished with some fun washi tape and sealed with a cute gift tag sticker.

I picked up these white mailbox from Target in their Valentine's section. They gave you some options to dress it up there but I wanted it all to go together- because I'm OCD like that. I used the same washi tape and just simply wrapped it around to mine and my kids liking- let me just say that this was totally their deal they just decided to show zero interest when it came to putting it all together, but they did help test drive the bubbles and I am glad to report that they work GREAT! I then added some cut out hearts that I dusted with more gold glitter.

Placed our already received goodies in our cute little box to keep until the 14th.

I am super excited to send these out. And more thrilled for my kids to open theirs. The amazing Mommy who helped organized all of this invited us to all join-in in a monthly Snail Mail group. Sending bits from our town to share with every one- a fun way to see where everyone is sending from and get to know them a little better.


Hope you all are having fun getting ready for Valentine's Day. How are you getting ready to celebrate??

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