peach | treat

If I could eat fruit all day EVERYDAY with out the tummy ache- I would!!
It's almost like a guilt-less sweet treat.
Lately I have had this uncontrollable craving for peaches. [I might have even pinned a few peachy recipes]
And these are the days I wish I had a lovely peach tree in our backyard (might just have to add that to the to-do list).
I picked up a few peaches the other day from the store and couldn't wait to whip something up with them. I had plans for something elaborate, but it's been blazing hot here and we are going on week 3 with no a/c - so I went with something simple, like really simple.
I halved my peaches and placed them cut side down in my skillet with about 2 tbsps. of butter. Set the heat to low and let them sit there for a bit. I had some leftover cinnamon crumble from this mornings muffins which was easy to whip up.
Cinnamon Crumble
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/3 cup flour
  • 1/4 cup butter (soften)
  • 1 1/2 tsps. of cinnamon
Mix in a bowl with a fork until combined into a nice crumble.
After the peaches had been sitting for about 10 mins (they felt somewhat soft) I flipped them over and sprinkle the crumble over the tops. Let them sit in the heat for another 2 minutes so the peaches could absorb up the crumble mixture. And that's it. Pretty simple right.

I really had no intentions of making up a recipe post, but since I have been trying to get behind the camera more I saw an opportunity to do a quick little food shoot and thought this would make a nice little post.
What are some of your favorite Peach recipes?? Please share, I might have to go raid my Oma's tree!!


baking | bread

kitch-en [kichen]
- a place to gather to create lots of memories
Spent the day at my mom's this weekend. She had the kids help her mix up some sourdough bread. The kids were tickled they got to add the ingredients and stir it all together.
I love watching them with my mom, they all have a blast together. And it always ends with "That was so much fun GiGi!!"  I grabbed my camera (which I have been good about keeping with me this past week) and snapped some quick photos.


beach | day

So I made a 'Summer List', You can see it here. And I am making a point to start checking things off of it. The other day they kids and I escaped the heat for some cool breeze and ocean air. 

It was the perfect escape! And the kids had a blast. We rarely make the 45 min drive- like I only think we've been twice in the past 4 years, eeks! They were asking the entire drive "are we there yet?"- typical right. The squeals that came from the back seat as ocean became visible was not only ear piercing, but equally heart bursting! I love when they can't contain their excitement. 


We dipped our toes in the cold water (literally only our toes, those waves are quite intimidating to little ones) and rolled in the warm sand- well my son did, must be a boy thing. And it wouldn't be a successful beach trip with out sand castle building. 
We left with sun-kissed cheeks, salty hair, and a handful of memories. I made a mental note that we need to go more often! 

  • Beach Trip: CHECK!


captured | moments

Being a mom I feel it is sometimes hard to juggle our favorite past times.
They sometimes get lost in the hustle of life.
I use to be upset about it- I just want to be able to do it all. But sometimes we can't. And that's ok [!]
And I am finally okay with not doing it all. I feel like it takes so much pressure off myself and I can really enjoy being in the moment with my kids and/or my husband.
Today I found a moment to pick up my camera- it's been so many months since I was behind it. After a few clicks, I could feel that wave of inspiration run through me. Oh how I have missed this.
I have missed capturing passing moments.
While I am totally ok with not being to do all, I think it also important to still enjoy those passions. I love photography and wish I could do it all day everyday (maybe one day I can). When I find these small windows I definitely will take them and run with it.


summer time vibes

'Good Vibes Only' keychain
Summer List
Sunsets at the beach
Fireworks with family and friends on the 4th
Backyard Remodel
Picnics with the littles
Adopt some chicks
Plant more succulents
Read a good book (and finish it)
Work on my tan (whether it's a fake one or not)
Swim lessons for the kids
Work on some crafty projects
Browse farmers markets
Date nights with my husband
Rock out to Train (can't wait)

I'm sure I could make a never ending list. Whatever we do, we will enjoy it 110%!!




So I have been wanting to get back into blogging. It's been a good while since I have anything consistent on here- I feel like everything has just been kind of random. I took a step back just to breath and mainly because I just couldn't come up with great content to share. I have just been so stuck- in a rut so to speak. I turned to Pinterest to find some inspiration and compiled a list of blog post ideas to help motivate me. I really want to get this space moving again and bring life back to Antlers & Roses. So I thought it might be fun to share some 'facts' about myself, for those who are new and just a way to reintroduce this space.

15 Facts About Me
  1. My name is Heidi. (my grandma's name is Heidi and I also have a cousin Heidi).
  2. I am the oldest of 3 girls
  3. I have been with my Husband since we were sophomores in high school- that's 12 years together. We just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary last week.
  4. We have 2 kids- 4 going on 16 year old daughter and our son is 3.
  5. I love coffee- I would drink it all day if it didn't give me the jitters!
  6. I am a frequent shopper at Target (it's kind of a problem- for my husband, not me)
  7. I am a licensed cosmetologist- I work part time right now in a salon. I think I always new I was going to be a hairstylist from a young age, I was always wanting my hair cut or colored.
  8. I enjoy doing anything artsy or creative- love sewing, scrapbooking, decorating, photography, drawing, fashion... the list could go on really
  9. I don't speak with my father or stepdad- not by choice really. I think they both decided having kids wasn't for them (I think). I have tried to reach out, but with no luck. Some days I find myself crying over it because I don't have a 'Dad' that I can just call up and say "hey what's up", most of the time I just feel sorry for them- for missing out on my life growing up and enjoying my kids lives.
  10. I consider my Mom to be my mentor-  raising 3 girls and working full time, she is probably one of the strongest women I know. She inspired me everyday.
  11. I lived on a ranch a good majority of my life. At the time I hated it because we were so far from town and our friends, but now I enjoy it (I don't live on a ranch now, just a ways from town).
  12. I use to have a dirt bike. It was my 8th grade graduation present. Probably one of the one things I did like about living on a ranch and miss. Maybe one day we can be a little dirt bike family or something.
  13. I am really critical of myself- whether its how I look or things I do. I am definitely my harshest critic.
  14. I have always dreamed of living in New York, since I was really little I have just always loved New York. I visited after graduating high school and hope to back again.
  15. I have a problem with not saying 'no'. I am a people pleaser by nature, which I don't think is a bad thing really, but I have a hard time telling people no for fear of them being angry with me. I have a hard time speaking up, and expressing my feelings out loud. I am trying to be better about it, and know that it is ok to say no and be okay about it.
Hoping that this will get the gears going so I can crank out more posts. I have been wanting to share stories and personal stuff- but I am never sure if anyone will really want to read it. Might have to step out of that comfort zone and just do it.


favorite app // made with studio

I had to share a new favorite app of mine.
If you are anything like me, and are borderline obsessed (some might say it's a problem) with social media and enjoy being creative- then you will love this!

Made with Studio is a fun way to your photos to the next level by adding layers of text, graphics, shapes and so much more. Add as little or as much as you desire. Mix different fonts, colors, fades to create a unique stand out photo to share on the social media platform of your choice.
This is where it gets cool. You can follow other Mixers (like you can on Instagram) and enjoy what they are creating too. And if you come across a mix that grabs your eye, you can +Remix it, customize and add it to one of your own photos.
I have become addicted to it over the past week. It's kind of taken iPhone "photography" to the next level for me. Challenging me to create something new and step out of the box.
Go check it out! And you can find me at 'antlersandroses' - #DUH!

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